Pokémon UNITE: French, new Battle Pass and many bonuses for the release of free-to-play on mobiles

Pokémon UNITE: French, new Battle Pass and many bonuses for the release of free-to-play on mobiles
Pokémon UNITE: French, new Battle Pass and many bonuses for the release of free-to-play on mobiles

The Pokemon Company warned us: it is tomorrow, Wednesday September 22, that Pokémon UNITE will launch on iOS and Android, a few weeks after its official arrival on Switch. the free-to-play will be cross-play, but it is only on mobiles that Trainers will be able to complete a special event, before October 31, 2021 at 3:59 p.m., to unlock the following pre-registration bonuses: 1 000 Tickets Æos, the license Pikachu Unit, and one Holo-costume special Pikachu au festival.

There will be many other novelties to discover from tomorrow with the start of the second Pass de Combat called A Shadow in Weightlessness, the addition of Clubs Unit to easily find playmates, a special mission to recover Zeraora if you missed it initially on Switch, new events to obtain new upgrade items and accessories, and even the first functionalities linked to a Spectator. Several new language choices will also be offered, including french !

The Battle Pass “A shadow in weightlessness” starts tomorrow

A new Battle Pass kicks off tomorrow, Wednesday, September 22, with the release of the mobile version of Pokémon UNITE. He will bring a whole range of objects on the theme of space. It will thus be necessary to complete daily and weekly missions throughout the season to increase the level of the Battle Pass and obtain the corresponding rewards. In addition, by purchasing the Premium Pass, it will be possible to obtain even more rewards.

Adding Unity clubs

A new feature will be added to the Nintendo Switch and mobile versions of the game on Wednesday, September 22: Unity clubs. Trainers will be able to create their own club or join an existing club to get together with other players. Club tags will be used to refine these searches to allow Trainers sharing the same values ​​to group together easily.

A special mission to obtain the Zeraora Unit permit

Players who missed the Nintendo Switch version launch bonus will have the opportunity to obtain the Unity of Zeraora permit through a special mission starting September 22. Those who already have this Unity permit will receive Æos Coins instead.

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