Sustainable development weeks: -20 € on refurbished smartphones at SFR

Sustainable development weeks: -20 € on refurbished smartphones at SFR
Sustainable development weeks: -20 € on refurbished smartphones at SFR

During the weeks of sustainable development, SFR set up numerous operations around reconditioned smartphones, with a tree planted for each device purchased, but also an immediate reduction of € 20, thus making it possible to make even more savings.

There are always good deals to be had at SFR! Until October 8, refurbished smartphones, already offered at a very attractive price, benefit from an immediate reduction of 20 euros on the online store. In addition to this nice promotion, the operator commits to planting a tree for each refurbished smartphone purchased. A perfect opportunity to combine ecology with savings, by purchasing a top-of-the-range phone at a mini price, since there are many iPhone or Samsung Galaxy models on offer. So, which one are you going to fall for?

Apple is by far the most present brand in this selection of refurbished smartphones, with many iPhone models on offer. Let us recall in passing that a refurbished smartphone is not a second-hand device, but a second-hand phone which has been refurbished, after having followed numerous tests, which has been placed in a new packaging, and is supplied. with new accessories. A process that allows many smartphones to be given a second life, to avoid waste, but also to consume too much CO2. Repackaging a smartphone produces four times less CO2 than producing a new device.

Reconditioned iPhones at -20 € at SFR

Refurbished smartphones therefore only have advantages. Especially when they are offered in promotion, as at the moment at SFR for the weeks of sustainable development. Thus, it is possible to shop the iPhone 12 mini at € 629 without a bundle, the iPhone X at € 439, the iPhone 11 at € 569, the iPhone Pro at € 579, or even the iPhone 11 Pro Max. to 999 euros. The impeccable iPhone XR benefits from an even more interesting reduction, since 50 € are deducted. It therefore passes at the best price on the market, namely € 399.

The Samsung Galaxy renewed at -20 € at SFR

There are also some Samsung Galaxy models in this selection of smartphones on sale during the sustainable development weeks, and some very good ones. Starting with the Galaxy S20 FE 5G, offered at € 509, or its big brother, the Galaxy S20, available at € 579.

In the midst of all these Apple and Samsung stamped smartphones, the refurbished Huawei P30 Pro is also offered with € 20 off, allowing this excellent smartphone (the last of the Chinese brand to benefit from Google applications) to go down to only € 479.

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