Google Meet just gave you a reason to quit Zoom

Google Meet just gave you a reason to quit Zoom
Google Meet just gave you a reason to quit Zoom

Like Zoom, Google Meet experienced strong growth in user numbers during the health crisis. Today, like many other services, Google is banking on hybrid work (some face-to-face days and others teleworking) to boost the growth of its productivity suite, which includes Google Meet.

And in order to make Meet interesting, the Mountain View firm keeps adding new features that make this tool more convenient for the user. For example, this week, Google announced the deployment of the brightness adjustment feature for the web version of its video conferencing tool.

This feature uses artificial intelligence to detect if a video conference participant is in a poorly lit area, then automatically adjusts the brightness settings to improve their video feed. This is a small improvement that should have a big impact on the experience nonetheless, as poorly lit areas or poor quality webcams often make video conferences unpleasant.

Adjusting the brightness on Google Meet. © Google

It is important to note that this feature has already been launched by Google on the Android and iOS apps of Google Meet. But now, it will also be available on the web version for computers. According to a note from Google, this novelty is available “For all Google Workspace customers, as well as for G Suite Basic and G Suite Business customers. “

“Now you can make a video call from anywhere, even in sub-optimal lighting, on your Android or iOS device without worrying that other call parties can’t see you.”, Google explained in 2020, when the feature was launched on Android and iOS.

Google also fixed echo issues

Recently, Google also launched a feature that fixes the echo issue during video conferences (something that also makes meetings unpleasant).

“Most of the time, Meet will intelligently control the audio to suppress echo. However, sometimes it still happens and others hear an echo from your device when talking. Until now, it has been difficult for you to know when your device is causing an echo. Now we will notify you when we detect a noticeable echo from your system that can be heard by other call participants with a red dot on the More Options button, as well as a text notification ”, Google explained in August, at the launch of this other novelty.

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