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Apple promises iOS updates to fix early iPhone 13 bugs

Fortunately, the new iPhones have been used to spot bugs in iOS! The first iPhone 13 testers tracked down two that Apple promised to fix in future iOS updates. The first concerns Cinematic mode, which can be recorded in HDR… and only in HDR, even if the option is disabled!

Cinematic mode does not go beyond 1080p.

Joanna Stern, you Wall Street Journal, noted the bug that prevented her from editing her video as she wanted (a highly recommended video to see how this mode does quite poorly in real life). This will be fixed by the grace of a new version of iOS.

Another concern this time related to the macro function of the iPhone 13 Pro. When approaching a subject, the macro is automatically activated by switching to the ultra-wide-angle sensor. And it is for the moment impossible to deactivate it even though you would like to take a picture with the normal wide angle… Marques Brownlee has obtained from Apple that a new setting will appear this fall to deactivate the macro.


Apple promises iOS updates fix early iPhone bugs

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