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Samsung explains in detail how its latest 200 Mp photo sensor works

Samsung explains in detail how its latest 200 Mp photo sensor works
Samsung explains in detail how its latest 200 Mp photo sensor works

While Samsung unveiled its latest 200 Mp ISOCELL HP1 sensor a few weeks earlier, the firm explains in a video the detailed operation of the component. The ISOCELL HP1 sensor is rather a large format smartphone sensor with a surface area of ​​1 / 1.22, a maximum definition of 200 Mp and photosites of 0.64 µm.

The sensor supports several types of pixel binning – in other words the sensor can combine adjacent pixels to improve the definition and reduce noise while lowering the definition. The ISOCELL HP1 can thus make 4 pixels in 1 which leads to photos of 50 Mp with virtual photosites of 1.28 µm.

Discover all the secrets of Samsung’s latest 200 Mp sensor

The 16-pixel-in-one mode delivers 12.5MP images with “giant” pixels of 2.65 µm. The ISOCELL HP1 sensor can capture videos and photos in rolling shutter, but also in full frame, in 4K, at a speed of 7.5 images per second. On the photo side, the sensor can capture 10 bit images with professional color depth. It supports RAW8, RAW10 and RAW12 image formats.

Among the features are also several technologies supposed to improve the exposure in low light and the HDR effect such as Smart ISO and multisampling. Pixels are physically isolated on the sensor with Front Deep Trench Isolation technology, which improves light detection while preventing leakage to adjacent pixels.

Samsung explains in its press release: “With its eye-level resolution and cutting-edge technologies, the ISOCELL HP1 sensor offers users access to a world of details that has never been seen before. Get more out of every moment with an image sensor that’s designed for a new era of mobile photography ”.

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For now, the first smartphone to be equipped with the new sensor would be the next Xiaomi 12 Ultra smartphone that the brand has yet to announce. Samsung should quickly follow, since according to the latest rumors the future Galaxy S22 will also have a 200 Mp sensor.

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