Experience The Good Life (and Solve a Murder) from mid-October

Experience The Good Life (and Solve a Murder) from mid-October
Experience The Good Life (and Solve a Murder) from mid-October

Funded on Kickstarter in 2018, The Good Life, the next game of Hidetaka «Sweery» Suehiro (Deadly Premonition) a enfin a release date : October 15 on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and même Switch.

After developmental complications and drastic gameplay changes that forced Playism to push back its game of almost 2 years (not to mention the pandemic which has not helped), players will soon be able to play as Naomi Hayward, a New York photographer who is investigating the strange village of Rainy Woods.

The thing is, she also has a huge debt on her back, and participate in village life will allow it to be reimbursed in parallel with the main frame. Yes, the title has it all of a life simulation in the Stardew Valley, even Animal Crossing, but The Good Life promises storytelling linked to exploration and the relationships that you will meet with the people of Rainy Woods. Because we are in England, you will even be able to participate in drinking competitions to wow the gallery.

If the title seems like a most innocent moment of relaxation, mood changes are to be expected, since it will be a question to investigate a murder against a background of conspiracy. Moreover, the twist of The Good Life occurs especially at night: all the inhabitants turn into dogs or cats, which allows Naomi to explore Rainy Woods in a different way. The “why” still escapes, since the inhabitants do not remember their nightlife.


Experience Good Life Solve Murder midOctober

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