When a meteorite ends up in a woman’s bedroom in Canada

When a meteorite ends up in a woman’s bedroom in Canada
When a meteorite ends up in a woman’s bedroom in Canada

Great fear for Ruth Hamilton, a resident of Golden, British Columbia, on the night of October 3. While sleeping peacefully in her bed, she was awakened by some kind of explosion. At the same time, she heard something go through the roof, carrying a whole pile of debris.

Hamilton quickly got out of bed to see what was going on. As she switched on the light, she discovered that there was some sort of stone well placed between her pillows. This stone was very close to where her head was resting while she was sleeping.

According to a New York Times article, the object, which was apparently a meteorite, was the size of a fist. He weighed about 1.3 kg.

Police involved

The shock passed, Hamilton decided to call for help. A police officer then arrived at the scene to investigate and examine the debris. The officer also contacted a local construction company to ask if they had detonated something on their site.

A representative of the company replied that no explosion occurred on their side. However, the spokesperson said they saw a “bright light in the sky that exploded and caused detonations”. Hamilton then realized that the piece of rock on his bed was actually from space.

Rare, but not impossible

Of all the space rocks that enter Earth’s atmosphere each year, thousands are known to reach surface level and become meteorites. Most of these meteorites go unnoticed, however. Moreover, a very small number of people in history have been near the point of impact of a meteorite.

One of the most famous cases was that of Ann Hodges of Sylacauga, Alabama. Hodges had been struck by a falling meteorite on November 30, 1954. She was also sleeping when the rock fell. It was the size of a softball and weighed about 3.8 kg. The meteor hit her sideways after bouncing off a radio console. The shock produced a fairly large hematoma.

As for Hamilton, she plans to send the Space Stone to researchers in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Western University in London, Ontario. The meteorite will be analyzed there, but Hamilton would like to recover it after the exams are over.

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