DC Heroes & Villains: All-New Superhero Game Announced For Mobile, First Video

Game news DC Heroes & Villains: All-New Superhero Game Announced For Mobile, First Video

Published on 10/17/2021 12:27 AM

The DC Fan Dome was obviously an opportunity to focus on cinema and comics but also on video games: an announcement was made and it unveiled DC Heroes & Villains, a mobile title to come soon.

This Saturday, October 17 was a big night for all DC Comics fans: the famous house unveiled an impressive trailer for The Batman, another rather comical from the Peacemaker series but also a trailer for Suicide Squade Kill the Justice League, just like Gotham Knights. The video game was therefore present and besides, a new one was unveiled and it bears the name of DC Heroes & Villains.

When superheroes team up with villains

On the other hand, do not expect a big triple A on home consoles since theThe app in question is a mobile, scheduled for early 2022 on iOS and Android. DC Heroes & Villains thus takes the features of an RPG with big puzzle mechanics, asking the player to form a team of superheroes and villains. This obviously includes iconic figures from DC Comics, ranging from Batman to Harley Quinn, including Superman and Poison Ivy.

It will be asked to browse iconic places like Gotham City or Atlantis, to face many enemies and formidable bosses through raids and even PvP, to oppose other players.

The application is developed by Ludia, a Canadian studio specializing in mobile video games to whom we already owe Jurassic World Alive, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, DreamWorks Dragons: Titan Uprising or even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends. The firm was recently acquired by Jam City, a large entertainment company, notably led by Chris DeWolfe, former co-founder of MySpace.

Despite the published video teaser, which can be viewed above, unfortunately we have no gameplay image to put in our mouths but that will probably not be long in coming.

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Heroes Villains AllNew Superhero Game Announced Mobile Video

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