James Gunn recounts the horrific death of Ratcatcher 2 planned in the first script

Many people die in The Suicide Squad by James Gunn, and in the first script, Ratcatcher 2 was also to have a gruesome death.

Despite a rain of dollars at the box office, the reception of the Suicide Squad by David Ayer was downright lukewarm to say the least. Blame it on a substantial sum of more or less big problems that we will not detail here – among other things because we would need 20,000 signs and a bulletproof vest -, but one of the recurring criticisms made of the film was its relatively offensive character and its very low human toll for a film called Suicide Squad on a gang of mercenaries sent on a mission … well, supposedly suicidal. A problem that filmmaker James Gunn brushed aside in his film The Suicide Squad.

Ratcatcher 2

Because the least we can say is that we die there a lot, sometimes with panache, often with guts exposed. And if already few members of the cast manage to escape the mission imposed by James Gunn, the director was originally supposed to take one more victim: Daniela Melchior, aka Ratcatcher 2. In an interview with CinemaBlend, he tells the horrible fate he had reserved for the heroine, before changing his mind and making it the emotional heart of his scenario and one of the most touching and appreciated characters of The Suicide Squad :

“At the very end of the film, Ratcatcher 2 would grab the information about Project Starfish. She had infiltrated Jotunheim and left with the whole compromising file without the rest of the group knowing. Then Amanda Waller blew up. his head with the explosive collar after everyone has returned to jail. At this point, Harley then attempts to speak to Bloodsport, but Bloodsport loses his nerves because he has established a deep connection with Ratcatcher 2, who had become a much like his daughter.

When to go die

So he loses his nerves, and Harley tries in his twisted, bizarre way to help Bloodsport move on. But Bloodsport ends up shooting a combustible bullet through Amanda Waller’s heart and threatens to detonate her. It was a bit complicated, but it was something like that. Finally, he didn’t shoot her in the heart but just below, with an explosive bullet, as we see Peacemaker using earlier in the film. She found herself forced to do what Bloodsport told her to do.

But it was too dark for me. It was just too dark, it didn’t work. It didn’t tell the story I wanted to tell, which is more focused on each character’s emotional journey. For me, the end of the movie with Bloodsport stroking the cat is the perfect ending. “

And we can understand why: after spending so much time and effort in creating an emotional bond between the audience and Ratcatcher 2, such a graphic and cruel death could have seemed gratuitous and a little forced, just to create some shock. . Even in The Suicide Squad, there are bloodbaths that are not necessary.

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