the Pokémon NFT phenomenon that can net you big?

the Pokémon NFT phenomenon that can net you big?
the Pokémon NFT phenomenon that can net you big?

Serene, the studio shoots sky high. Asked by journalist Casey Newton in his Platformer newsletter, Aleksander Larsen, Sky Mavis co-founder began by acknowledging that his game was difficult to access. ” It’s like trying to swim to an island, appears-t-il. Axie is totally isolated in the distance. You have to take all of these hard steps to get there. And yet people want to make it happen. »

So to help them, Sky Mavis is currently working on a “free” version of his game. A condition which could notably sign the arrival ofAxie Infinity on the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store, and therefore significantly increase the number of players – and, by rebound, potential buyers.

Buyers who, perhaps, will be interested in another type of asset that is already on sale on the game: plots of land (some have already sold for over $ 1.5 million). Like many others, the studio is betting its future on the famous “metaverse”, and wants to make its game not only an arena of combat between axis, but a real community space in which the AXS token holders will have the right to vote. to influence decision-making. Plot holders will also earn AXS every time another player crosses their land, and those same tokens can be staked by investors to generate interest.


Pokémon NFT phenomenon net big

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