Here’s how to edit PDF directly on Chrome

Now you can install an extension on your browser to edit all your PDF files. Here is how it goes.

Until a few years ago, it was not possible to edit a file as soon as it was converted to PDF. It would then have to be reconverted into doc or docx to be able to modify it. At the same time, there are apps to edit, comment, and sign a PDF, but either the app is chargeable or it is free and leaves watermarks on the document. Fortunately, everything becomes easy.

Adobe launches an extension to edit a PDF directly in your browser

Now you can directly edit a PDF right in your browser. The famous Adobe company has indeed designed an extension called Adobe Acrobat. For now, this extension can only work on Chrome and Edge. But it should not take long to arrive in Brave which uses the same technology as Chrome.

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The Adobe Acrobat extension is designed to make life easier for many users and increase their productivity. By the way, Adobe says «Opening a new app on your computer or finding a web app for PDF editing can be a hassle, especially when you’re in a rush. And your web browser’s default PDF viewer has limited functionality, only allowing you to view or download PDF files ”.

Thanks to this Adobe extension, it is now possible to annotate, comment and even sign your PDF file. The other big plus is that all of this is possible from your browser window. This saves you less time and is not distracted by opening your software.

How to use the Adobe Acrobat extension to edit a file on Chrome

The first thing to do is install the extension on your browser. To do this, go to the chrome extensions store. There, click on “add extension to Chrome”. It downloads automatically and is installed on the bar of your browser. A window opens at the top of the screen. Click on “add extension”.

To complete, sign and comment on a PDF document, open it in the browser. As soon as it opens, click on the Adobe extension. A message appears asking you to choose the extension as the default PDF reader. Accept! Then the document reloads and opens in a new window.

Now you not only have the ability to read PDFs with your browser, but you can also convert, sign or fill directly on the window.

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