The PS5 finally dethrones the Switch!

News business The PS5 finally dethrones the Switch!

Published on 10/19/2021 6:00 PM

In the United States, the Switch remained for 33 consecutive weeks at the top of the best-selling consoles. Those days are now over, as the PlayStation 5 has just overtaken it.


  • PS5 vs Switch : choc des titans
  • What about Xbox in all of this?

PS5 vs Switch : choc des titans

Even at their respective releases, the next-gen consoles failed to do better than the Nintendo console. Leading sales both in dollars and in number of units sold for nearly 33 weeks, the Switch lost its place in favor of the Sony console last September.

The PlayStation 5 is the best-selling console of September in terms of units and revenue dollars. The Playstation 5 is the console that grossed the most dollars in 2021 for the moment, while the Nintendo Switch remains the most sold in terms of units sold.

As the analyst of the American video game market emphasizes Mat Piscatella, the Nintendo Switch remains the best-selling console this year. The last time any console other than Big N’s dominated sales was the PlayStation 4, and that goes back to november 2018. Remarkable results therefore for the hybrid console. So why such a turnaround in the video game market? Still according to Matt Piscatella, this would be due less to a loss of speed on the part of Nintendo than a progression of units ready for sale on the side of other manufacturers:

Do you think that the success of the PS5 this month is more due to exceptional figures for the Sony console or on the contrary a declining result for the Switch?

I think it’s more of a stock issue at this point. Sony managed to bring a significant amount of PS5 consoles to the market, when the Switch OLED model was due to be released. Hard to say because of the fluctuating market right now.

As we know, the shortage of components strongly affects the game console market. With 334,533 units sold in September, the PS5 therefore scores very well in the US during this period but is ultimately not very far ahead of the Switch and its 330,492 units. The release of the OLED Switch should quickly put Nintendo’s console back on its throne.

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What about Xbox in all of this?

In the end, Microsoft consoles perform worse than their competitors with 245,390 units sold on its territory of predilection. While these figures are far from alarming, it should also be remembered that the Microsoft does not stop at that of home consoles.
The Game Pass recently had nearly 30 million subscribers. Excellent results which definitely ensure Microsoft’s supremacy in the dematerialized gaming market, which could nevertheless end up changing if
the other giants quickly come up with similar offers.

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PS5 finally dethrones Switch

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