Private educators asked to work in a childcare center

Private educators asked to work in a childcare center
Private educators asked to work in a childcare center

Since the salary increase promised to employees of the public network, the CPEs are asking employees of private daycare centers in Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean to hire them.

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For the past five years, Claudia Rhainds has been an educator at the Univers des Tout P’tits, a private daycare in La Baie. Going to a public daycare center would give him a significant pay rise.

“Eight dollars an hour,” she says. It makes a good difference! I always said no because I listened to my heart, but maybe this time it’s the head that will win! “

The educator gives herself until mid-November to decide.

His colleague, Alex Tremblay, is also torn.

“I want to stay here because my heart is here,” he shares. But it is possible that I decide to leave … “

Quebec should make known the salary increase proposed to private daycares no later than mid-November.

“If we don’t get what we want, I may have to close, fears the owner, Nadia Boudreault. If I lose my educators, I will no longer be able to operate. ”

The Univers des Tout P’tits welcomes 80 children and employs 20 full-time educators. In this private daycare, to match the wages would lead to a staggering increase in the costs billed to parents. The establishment therefore expects a few departures, if not several.

“I don’t know of anyone who would refuse an eight dollar hourly wage hike,” says the owner.

The situation also worries the clients of the daycare.

Four years ago, Lily Bilodeau had found no place in the public network. Her two children, aged four and two, attend the Univers des Tout-P’tits.

“We put on ice the project of a third baby because we would not have a place in daycare,” says this mother.

“We are already on the bank financially, so if prices increase further, it will be up to the government to help us,” she continues.

The solution proposed by the management of this private center is to integrate the public network.

For its part, the personnel in the private sector wish to benefit from the same treatment as the public. “All we ask for is fairness,” concludes Claudia Rhainds.

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