Everwild: The situation is not as alarming as rumors suggest – Everwild

Everwild: The situation is not as alarming as rumors suggest – Everwild
Everwild: The situation is not as alarming as rumors suggest – Everwild

Almost two years after its announcement in 2019, Everwild gives very little news, although it is quite expected. According to the various sayings of Rare, in the evening ” something players have never seen », But before we can get our hands on it, we will have to be patient since old reports from Jeff Grubb indicate that it is not expected until at least 2023, or even 2024 because of certain problems encountered.

According to what had been said, Everwild would indeed have faced several concerns, with in particular the departure of the creative director of studio Rare, which would have led to an outright reboot of the game. Despite this information, we had no feedback directly from the studio, but Xbox Games Studios boss Matt Booty toned things down during an interview with Kinda Funny.. According to him, the reports were “ a little more extreme Than the facts that actually took place. In addition, he explained the precise vision that had Mark Turmell, creator of NBA Jam with which he collaborated.

Mark Turmell used to say that a game is created by a thousand little decisions at once. Every day you make hundreds of little decisions and in the end, no matter how long you work on the game, they all add up. And I think that’s where the Everwild team is at the moment.

From these explanations, we can understand that the development of Everwild is still in its infancy, but Matt Booty also clarified that the developers wanted ” to do things well Before revealing more to the players. We will therefore have to wait a while before discovering more about Everwild.

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