MH Rise: Reviews of Hunter’s actions are coming with Sunbreak

MH Rise: Reviews of Hunter’s actions are coming with Sunbreak
MH Rise: Reviews of Hunter’s actions are coming with Sunbreak
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MH Rise: Reviews of Hunter’s actions are coming with Sunbreak

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The Monster Hunter Rise expansion will introduce new regions, new monsters, but also visibly new abilities, as the game director says. Filoptera, wyvern ride and weapons come to mind, nerves and ups in sight?

This is news that divides Monster Hunter Rise players, especially those who have played Monster Hunter World and Iceborne. The reason being that the addition of the grappling hook and the tenderizing of the monster parts really wasn’t appreciated by everyone. One of the reasons is that having to tenderize a part of the monster lengthened the hunt and disadvantaged certain weapons. In addition, it forced to aim only a specific point of the beast. This is not what is envisaged in this case, at least it is not mentioned, but it illustrates well how it may not necessarily be a good thing.

Here is our French translation of the message from Suzuki, the director of Sunbreak:

Hello everyone ! We are working on adjustments to different aspects of player actions. (There are also some tweaks planned for wall actions!) We hope you can’t wait to check out these upcoming changes in Sunbreak!

– Suzuki, Director of the Sunbreak


Unfortunately, it is not clear in which direction these changes will go. One possibility is a nerf to the Filoptera’s abilities and mounted actions, which are far too powerful at the moment, and which may also compromise the difficulty in Rank Master. Much like the Dazzling Capsules were nerfed in Iceborne for example. Some new alternative techniques to Filoptera could be introduced, as well as new attacks and dodges using walls. These last are useless or almost at the moment, if it is not to project the monsters violently on it. Running on walls is almost only used to collect bonuses for the moment.

An overall rebalancing of weapon capacity and damage would also be welcome. The longsword completely dominates the current meta, both in damage and defense, while poor spear users have miserable damage when they need extra talents to tank pretty much properly.

What changes would you like to see in Sunbreak?


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