[TEST] Halo: Infinite – Accessible, Dated, and Boring Multiplayer

[TEST] Halo: Infinite – Accessible, Dated, and Boring Multiplayer
[TEST] Halo: Infinite – Accessible, Dated, and Boring Multiplayer

The Masterchief is back. Well almost. We will have to wait until December 8 to get our hands on the Halo: Infinite single player campaign. But to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Xbox, 343 Industries wanted to please fans of the saga: multiplayer is available for free since November 15. A great surprise. Imagine that I was coming back from a long absence from the NoFrag offices. To celebrate my return, I was treated to a big cake and Halo: Infinite multiplayer.

Genre : FPS mou | Developer: 343 Industries | Publisher: Xbox | Platform: Steam | Recommended configuration: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X/Intel i7-9700k Radeon RX 5700 XT/Nvidia RTX 2070 | Price : free-to-play | Languages ​​: VO / VF | Release date : November 15

Nothing new Halorizon

Halo: Infinite comes 20 years after the first steps of the Masterchief on Xbox. There are licenses that evolve with the times, that try to adapt or try new things: Halo is not in this category. In multiplayer, there is always the same soporific title in gameplay slow and dated. A sort of Unreal Tournament under Valium. He does not reinvent the joysticks the wheel with its very classic 4vs4 game modes: CTF, FFA or Strongholds mainly in cards with artistic direction and level-design uninspired. Some are just a series of corridors where you spend your time avoiding dozens of grenades from your opponents. There is indeed a 12v12 mode (Big Team Battle) with only two poor cards but which at least allows you to try the joys of piloting vehicles. Go your way: nothing to do with a Battlefield. We can read right to left that the failure of BF2042 allows Halo: Infinite to shine. Let’s say it shines with a 9 watt low consumption LED bulb. Sufficient if you are just born or are a console gamer. Nevertheless, in my opinion, it is the only mode to save and by far the most interesting. The maps are bigger, the engagements can be made at a longer distance, there are vehicles to have fun and finally the look clusterfuck disappears.

If you want to become a pro on Halo, a mode ranked is available to you with more or less the same modes as the unclassified. Some nuances: the friendly fire is activated, you are new to a different weapon (BR75) and you have no hitmarkers for pomegranates. It offers no depth and no desire to invest in becoming the best Power Ranger.

Stunning gameplay

It must be recognized that if you have never played Halo, the first steps will be difficult: the TTK (or the time to kill an opponent) is very, very, very long. With the exception of a few weapons that can kill in one hit, it will mainly be necessary to learn to play differently. In Halo, you have armor. Once this is 0: it is very easy to die in a few bullets. So you have several strategies: (1) learn the location of the correct weapons on the maps, (2) spam grenades and (3) use melee. That’s roughly 90% of the gameplay to become good. And unlike other games that make up for their high TTK (Unreal, Tribes ou encore Apex Legends) by movements that require patience and training to be mastered, Halo is just… soft. The weapons offer no feel, the jumps are slow and floating, and the title as a whole exudes accessibility. In addition to the weapons / grenades, some gadgets are present: deployable shield, grappling hook, dash. We would like to finally have the dash and the grapple constantly available to make the whole less asthenic and give a little more rhythm.

In fact, Halo is the multiplayer FPS accessible to everyone. From the 12-year-old kid to the quadra who plays on his sofa to the 30-something who can no longer devote as much time to multiplayer when he comes home from work. Is this good ? Okay. Is there anything better? Yes. But unlike more demanding multiplayer titles that will take several hours to have fun and release PGM-style actions, Halo does this very quickly and without the hassle. In addition, it is free.

Halo mom bobo, how did you make me I’m not handsome

In terms of performance, we can not fault the title, which runs wonderfully. At the same time, fortunately because there is not much to display on the maps and a limited number of players. Graphically, he is like his gameplay : smooth and risk-free. I noticed some server problems (lags, mauvais hitreg) during my games, but it’s quite rare and random. The progression system is very slow. Unlike other games where you get experience just by playing, in Halo: Infinite you have to complete various objectives to earn XP. The result is a very time-consuming system to level up and unlock your favorite armor or sticker. 343 Industries is aware and promises to improve

. They should come up with simpler weekly challenges to speed up the process.

Repeated twice

Halo: Infinite’s multiplayer does not invent or reinvent anything: the formula remains the same. A very arcade and soporific title. It does less well than other games, like Unreal Tournament, from which it is inspired. Halo is accessible, simple, without harshness or obscure mechanics. Anyone can quickly pick it up and kill other players without spending 60 hours a week on it to be competitive. It’s blah but it’s free!

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