How to clone Pokémon and items in DEPS

How to clone Pokémon and items in DEPS
How to clone Pokémon and items in DEPS

A very easy glitch to perform in Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl allows you to clone Pokémon and items endlessly.

Sinnoh is an iconic region of the Pokémon saga. Thanks to the Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl remakes, fans rediscover a Sinnoh revisited by studio ILCA on Nintendo Switch.

Thanks to the Grands Souterrains, players can find a multitude of rare Pokémon. Once Trainers find the Pokémon they want for their team, a glitch will clone them without having to capture them again.

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With this glitch, you can even clone Dialga and Palkia!

Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl Glitch – How to Clone Pokémon and Items

This glitch was discovered by the youtubeur PhillyBeatzU who shared it on their channel. The handling is very simple. Here are all the steps to be taken.

  1. To start this glitch, go to Bonville and enter the Pokémon Daycare. Walk up to the Granny Garderie at the counter.
  2. Open your Pokémon Box. Select two different Pokémon and drop them in two separate boxes. (In the video, PhillyBeatzU places Racaillou in Box 3 and Ceribou in Box 4).
  3. Take one of the two Pokémon, press X twice to save it to your Battle Box.
  4. Close the Pokémon Box and talk to the Granny Garderie at the counter. Answer the question with “Yes”.
  5. Select the Pokémon you chose. Go to the Boxes list, click on Y on the Box and swap it with the one where the other Pokémon is. (PhillyBeatzU takes Racaillou in Box 3 and trades it with Box 4 where Ceribou is located).
  6. Press B to come back and answer “Yes” to the question: Are you finished? After that, go back to your Pokémon Box and press X twice to go to your Battle Box.
  7. Select an unnecessary Pokémon that will be deleted and place it in your Fight box. (PhillyBeatzU places a level 7 Elecsprint which disappears).
  8. Now, take the Pokémon you want to clone. Register him in your team and watch the summary. Exit the summary screen to go back and you will get your Pokémon clone. (PhillyBeatzU performed the manipulation with Dialga).

This technique works with all Pokémon and also with items. We advise you to stock up on Keunotor to easily choose the Pokémon that will have to disappear.

The glitch should be patched by development studios fairly quickly. Take advantage of it while it works if you want to be able to trade multiple rare and Legendary Pokémon with your friends.


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