Samsung stops production of Galaxy Note, the range is definitely buried

Samsung stops production of Galaxy Note, the range is definitely buried
Samsung stops production of Galaxy Note, the range is definitely buried

While we thought that the days of the Galaxy Note range were already numbered, our Korean colleagues at ETNews have just confirmed bad news for those hoping to see other models arrive.

Galaxy Note 20

According to a recent ETNews report, Samsung does not plan to release a new Galaxy Note device in 2022. This confirms all of the previous leaks which indicated that Samsung had definitely buried its high-end Note line. In 2022, the Korean manufacturer is expected to bet everything on the Galaxy S22 series and its next-generation foldable devices, as it did in 2021 by choosing not to unveil a new Galaxy Note 21.

According to figures from ETNews, Samsung has produced around 3.2 million Galaxy Note 20 since its release in 2020 and production of this model is expected to stop by the end of this year. Since the company has not planned a successor, this means that The latest smartphone in the Galaxy Note range will soon leave the market for good.

Samsung wants to replace its Note range with its Galaxy S22 Ultra

As you probably already know, Samsung is slowly starting to make its other smartphones compatible with the S Pen stylus, which until now was reserved for the Galaxy Note. Indeed, the Galaxy S21 Ultra was the first to be compatible with the S Pen, but it was not directly integrated into the smartphone.

However, this should change on the next generation as we saw in the first stolen photos of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The latter will be strongly inspired by the Note range of Samsung, the Korean giant having decided to equip its smartphone a space dedicated to the stylus on the lower edge, as it was already on the Galaxy Note.

Samsung is not only relying on its Galaxy S22 Ultra to replace its Galaxy Note, but also on its foldable smartphones. Indeed, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 of 2021 is also compatible with the S Pen, and the next generation should also benefit from this feature. As we saw previously, Samsung expects to produce nearly 13 million foldable smartphones in 2022. So there is no longer any doubt that Samsung will definitely abandon its Galaxy Note range, since the only feature that really sets them apart from the rest is models is no longer exclusive to them.

Source : ETNews


Samsung stops production Galaxy Note range buried

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