Apple battery boss leaves for Volkswagen

Apple battery boss leaves for Volkswagen
Apple battery boss leaves for Volkswagen
Soonho Ahn.

Apple left Soonho Ahn, its battery development boss, to Volkswagen, where he became the technical director of the battery division. This specialist arrived in Cupertino in early 2019, after spending four years at Samsung SDI, the battery branch of the Korean conglomerate.

It will be understood that its expertise therefore lies in … battery technologies (!), Whether for smartphones or cars. As such, given his poaching by Volkswagen and his relocation to Wolfsburg (the historic headquarters of the company), we can think that Soonho Ahn was working with the teams of Titan, the Apple car project that is supposed to lead to on a fully autonomous vehicle from 2025.

Apple car without pedals and steering wheel set to release in 2025, Bloomberg says

Volkswagen has a lot of ambition in the electric car. The German giant plans to build six battery factories in Europe over the next ten years, enough to produce 4 million electric cars per year.

Volkswagen reveals its great ambitions to become the number one in electric

Incidentally, Soonho Ahn received his Ph.D in chemical engineering in 1992 from Auburn University, Alabama – the same where Tim Cook studied.


Apple battery boss leaves Volkswagen

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