Assets so far reserved for Pro on the basic iPhone 14?

According to the latest rumours, the 120Hz refresh rate iPhone 13 Pro could also be available on the “classic” iPhone 14s. We thought, however, that Apple would continue to offer this solution only on its high-end mobiles, and yet. According to Jeff Pu, an analyst now followed by many investors, this is not the case.

The manufacturer has, as often, not commented on the case. But we know that a serious reorganization has taken place on the panel supplier side in recent weeks, so perhaps this is a discreet consequence of this turnaround.

More RAM

On the RAM side, same thing: Pu thinks that all models will increase to 6GB, while the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are currently content with “only” 4 GB with their Apple silicon chip. It is also much less than the competition, which nevertheless markets devices much cheaper. For example, the iPhone 13 costs 1,020 euros with 256 GB of storage compared to… 699.90 euros for a Xiaomi 11T Pro with 8 GB of RAM and the same amount of internal memory.

To know if these changes will indeed take place, it will however be necessary to wait. Probably up to September at least, the date when new iPhones are usually announced.


Jeff Pu had already announced last December that the iPhone 14 Pro would ship 8 GB of RAM, while he sticks to 6 GB in the report published this week. The researcher certainly does not yet have enough history provided in forecasts to draw conclusions, but seeing him update his estimates is quite encouraging. – Official App

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