iPhone 14: a price increase expected this year

The iPhone 14 series won’t be released for several months. This week, we take stock of the latest rumors regarding its price.

Rumors about the new model of the apple brand never stop flourishing on the web. Whether in terms of these future features or its price. On Twitter, the account @LeaksApplePro, on Twitter, publishes some information regarding the prices of these future iPhones.

Assumed prices per model

  • iPhone 14 : $799
  • iPhone 14 Max: $899
  • iPhone 14 Pro: $1099
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: $1199

As we can see, the price of the iPhone 14 should be the same as that of its predecessor, on the other hand there would be a change with regard to the Pro models. This would be a $100 increase over the 13 Pro model. For its part, the iPhone 14 Pro Max would also be on the increase compared to the 13 Pro Max model.

The mini model should also disappear from the iPhone range when the new model is presented. It would be replaced by a Max model (probably with an XXL screen).

Why these price increases on certain models?

According to the explanations of the source, this measure would be considered by Apple for two reasons. First, production costs increase. But on top of that, Apple would like the price difference between the iPhone 14 Max and the iPhone 14 Pro to be not just $100. It would be a choice in order to segment the range.

Since the iPhone 13 series was just an improved version of the iPhone 12 series, Apple should be full of new stuff this year.

As usual, this information should be considered with caution since it does not come from an official source.

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