Reckoning is the new mobile MMORPG of the famous James Cameron saga

Reckoning is the new mobile MMORPG of the famous James Cameron saga
Reckoning is the new mobile MMORPG of the famous James Cameron saga

With Ubisoft’s ambitious title in development and the Avatar 2 movie due later this year, it looks like the James Cameron saga will have a big role in 2022; To the list we have to add another recently announced video game. It goes by the name of Avatar: Reckoning and is defined as an MMORPG with shooting mechanics. This was announced by the official license account via Twitter and no details were shared on what we can expect beyond the fact that development is being done by Archosaur Games (distributed by Level Infinite) and that it will arrive over the next few months on Android and iOS devices. In addition, you can already register for its future initial beta.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora continues to develop

The new and ambitious based on the saga developed by Massive Entertainment (The Division) was one of the great protagonists of E3 2021. The game is expected to launch this year exclusively for PC and next-gen consoles. From Ubisoft they explained that the decision lies in the possibilities offered by the hardware PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, ensuring that the SSD plays a fundamental role, because “wildlife, AI, the way they behave with you and attack you, advances in technology and the way we take advantage of the power of our engine Snowdrop allows us to do amazing things that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. »

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will be a first-person action adventure, in which we will put ourselves in the shoes of a Na’vi and have the freedom to explore a world of immense proportions. How could it be otherwise, the forces of the RDA will be our first enemy. As of now, there aren’t many story details, although it’s confirmed that we’ll be crossing the western border of Pandora, a place that has yet to be explored.

spring | official account of Avatar

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