Final Fantasy 14 director speaks out on criticism from a fringe of gamers

Final Fantasy 14 director speaks out on criticism from a fringe of gamers
Final Fantasy 14 director speaks out on criticism from a fringe of gamers

After the game was withdrawn from sale, some Internet users allowed themselves sometimes very virulent criticism of Square Enix and the developers of Final Fantasy 14. The Game Director Naoki Yoshida wanted to respond to them by playing appeasement.

We knew the games withdrawn from sale, because not at the expected level of quality, but less those victims of their success. However, this is what happened to Final Fantasy 14 with the release of the Endwalker expansion at the end of 2021. The enthusiasm around this major expansion had caused an influx of players that the servers could not support, and Square decided to suspend sales of the game for a while. A decision that greatly displeased some Internet users. If the negative feedback from haters are unfortunately the lot of the profession, some have gone so far as to harass and insult developers on social networks.

Naoki Yoshida, game director, therefore decided to come out of the woodwork and speak up to calm things down and protect his team against this wave of hatred: “Of course, I am grateful to the players for telling us what we could improve in the game, but verbal abuse is not acceptable”. He continues: “Since the setbacks when the expansion was released, it seems that there are haters attacking other players when they are not playing themselves. »

Yoshida also thinks of the developers, who could be affected by these actions: “The members of the team will undoubtedly feel depressed after seeing such remarks, while they have done their best to deliver the most successful experience. possibly”.

According to him, the solution is to show more empathy: “I have only one request to make to the players: each time you post on the networks, imagine that you have in front of you a developer and how he would feel seeing your comments.

Of course, player feedback on the gaming experience is always appreciated: “I would just be happy if players could express their wishes with respect for everyone”.

Despite this chaotic launch and these controversies, Endwalker is very successful and sales of the game are expected to resume on January 25, again according to Yoshida.

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