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New setback for Islamologist Yacob Mahi

Yacob Mahi

October 14, 2021 – 10:40 am – World – By: SA

The Court of Cassation rejected the appeal of Islamologist Yacob Mahi. This former teacher at the Leonardo da Vinci Athenaeum in Anderlecht was sentenced in November 2019 to three years’ imprisonment with a 5-year suspension, as well as a ban from exercising his profession for acts of morality and violence physical on one of his students under the age of 16.

The facts date back to 2014. Students had complained about the behavior of Yacob Mahi to the prefect of the Athenaeum Leonardo da Vinci. The offending teacher will be sentenced on January 6, 2021 by the Brussels Court of Appeal for indecent assault with violence or threats to minors, harassment and willful assault and battery.

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In cassation, the defendant maintained that the prosecutions were null, because he had been judged too late on appeal – the facts under investigation since… 2014 were judged in… 2021 (even the trials of assizes are faster). But the Court of Cassation considered that Yacob Mahi had indeed been tried on time and therefore dismissed his cassation appeal. He thus receives a two-year prison sentence (with a full suspended sentence) and a ban from teaching for five years. He is obliged to pay 5,000 euros to the client of lawyer El Abouti, the student victim of indecent assault.

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setback Islamologist Yacob Mahi

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