When the Algiers regime struggles to play spoilers

It is a new illustration of the condescending, contemptuous and arrogant attitude of the Algerian regime towards African countries and their organization and a departure from the most elementary principles of diplomatic practice that came to light during the meeting. commemorative, Monday in Belgrade, of the 60th anniversary of the Non-Aligned Movement. By announcing his country’s intention to host the next summit of the countries of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), the Algerian Prime Minister provoked the incomprehension, even the anger of the participants, especially African delegations who see in the Algerian approach a serious and intolerable denial of the spirit of unity and solidarity that should prevail between the countries of the continent. And for good reason, the choice of the host country of the 19th summit of the MNA has already been decided. Except that Algeria, stricken with blindness or blinded by its disproportionate and misplaced ambition to impose its hegemonist agenda, forgot that the MNA coordination office, meeting in January 2020, had approved Uganda’s candidacy, a decision that was subsequently confirmed by the ministers of the Organization on the occasion of a virtual conclave held in July 2021. Faced with the multiple reactions of disapproval and the tensions manifested during the commemorative meeting of the 60th anniversary of the MNA, the First Algerian minister has found no better way to justify the unqualified attitude of his country than to be rudely misled by fallacious pretexts claiming that he did not know that this country was going to host the next meeting of the MNA countries. Here is a head of government of a country, who prides himself on wanting to mark a return to the international scene, and who admits to ignoring the diplomatic agenda and the commitments to which his own government has subscribed. By acting in this way, the Algerian regime has shown, at least to those who do not yet know it, that it respects neither African solidarity, nor the summits in which it takes part and that it is always ready to trample on all. the principles and rights of others at the expense of his oversized ego and his own interests. It goes without saying that the politico-military regime in power in Algeria, in the deadlock, is increasing its posturing in order to restore its image, by using all the subterfuges, including those trampling underfoot the diplomatic rules and the resolutions of the regional and international bodies. Responding to this Algerian-style hold-up, the Ugandan Foreign Minister stressed before the Ministerial Conference in Belgrade that his country “is determined to host the next summit in Kampala in 2023, as was decided by the Ministerial Conference in Belgrade. Movement”. As a sign of their strong exasperation at this denial of the decisions of the NAM Organization, the Ugandans sent an official letter of protest to the Algerian party. For the African delegations present, the haughty attitude of Algeria in conflict with many countries including its closest neighbors, this attitude is not surprising. Nor, moreover, than the multifaceted support provided by the Algiers regime, in defiance of the rules of good neighborliness and respect for the sovereignty of States and their territorial integrity, to the armed militias of the Polisario. Obviously, the Algerian regime, which had already hosted a meeting of the MNA (in 1973) and which it used as a sounding board to attack the constants of Morocco, is once again trying to come back to the charge through the ‘Organization of the MNA for the sole purpose of serving its hostile agenda in Morocco. Without any regard for the particular nature of this commemorative meeting of the 60th anniversary of the MNA, the Algerian official once again allowed himself to attack Morocco and the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, before the general astonishment of the participating delegations who wished to express their support and solidarity to the Moroccan delegation. They also expressed their disapproval of the inappropriate remarks of the Algerian Prime Minister, who transposed a bilateral conflict to the work of the Organization, without any consideration for the spirit of unity and solidarity celebrated at the occasion of this meeting of the MNA, whose founding fathers fought for the respect of the territorial integrity of States and their sovereignty.


Algiers regime struggles play spoilers

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