Abdiya district in Marib declared “disaster zone”

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Health authorities in the central Yemeni province of Marib on Thursday declared the district of Abdiya, besieged by Houthi forces for three weeks, “a disaster area”.

The office of the Ministry of Public Health and Population in the city of Marib said in a statement: “We declare Al-Abdiyyah a disaster area. This city is the scene of a real human tragedy, where its only hospital is bombed, villages and houses destroyed due to the continuous attacks. Indeed, the inhabitants suffer from difficult living conditions, due to the ongoing blockade. “

The statement condemns “the bombing carried out by the Houthi militia against the Al-Abdiya district hospital and its pediatric ward on Wednesday morning, as a number of injured children and civilians received treatment after being treated. targeted their homes. “

The attack caused extensive damage to the hospital, forcing the branch’s health department to evacuate the sick and injured, including those from the Houthi militia, who were arrested by legitimate government forces.

“The raid on the hospital came at a time when the Houthi militia blocked the passage of the convoy of drugs, supplies and medical personnel from reaching the district since the headquarters declaration on September 21. In indeed, 37,000 people live under the threat of being killed at any time, “the statement added.

The statement also called on the International Red Cross to respond urgently and to speed up the provision of medical services, thus calling on international bodies to put pressure on the Houthi militias and to implement the measures stipulated by international humanitarian law. , by opening safe corridors to protect the population, evacuate the wounded and put an end to war crimes committed in the district.

Until 7:30 a.m. (GMT), there was no official comment from the Houthi on this.

On Tuesday, the Yemeni government informed United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres of the deplorable and inhumane situation of 35,000 besieged people in Abdiya, calling for an urgent and firm international position to end this blockade.

For nearly three weeks, the district of Abdiya has been besieged by the Houthis who are trying to advance on several fronts towards the city of Marib. Government forces with the support of the Arab Coalition, succeeded in repelling their offensive.

Yemen has been in the throes of a 7-year war between government forces backed by an Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the Iranian-backed Houthi group, which has left 233,000 dead. 80% of the population, or about 30 million people, has become dependent on aid to survive, according to the United Nations.

* Translated from Arabic by Hajer Cherni

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