From insurrection to the normalization of lies

From insurrection to the normalization of lies
From insurrection to the normalization of lies

Little is heard of the commission of inquiry into the events of January 6, the most violent on the Capitol since the British burned it down in 1814.

Yet this tragic event could have claimed even more lives and new revelations suggest ex-President Trump did intend to manipulate the process to stay in office despite the electorate’s verdict.

The ability of this commission to shed light on these events is therefore vital for the United States to get out of the cogs that seem to be dragging them towards the quiet end of their democratic experiment.

Obstruct the truth

This low-profile commission begins to activate, as key witnesses challenge its formal notices to provide documents and to appear.

Those close to Donald Trump are resisting energetically, but their legal arguments do not hold water. It is obvious that the ex-president’s henchmen will use to the end the method that allowed Trump to dodge a long list of criminal charges by dragging out the proceedings, muddling the tracks and, above all, by politicizing. to excess investigations.

The Trumpian strategy to erase the January 6 reality of memories is working. The majority of Republicans believe this insurgency is not worth stopping at and have completely swallowed up the Big Lie of Donald Trump claiming to be the winner of the 2020 election. (By the way, there are so many reasons to believe that to believe in the therapeutic virtues of an injection of bleach.)

Above all, Trump continues to prepare the ground so that if he or the puppet he will support loses in 2024, his supporters will not believe it and Republicans will feel justified in tampering with the vote tally in his favor.

Normalize the lie

This insistence on swallowing lies on millions of people is the basis of Trump’s strategy to infiltrate the Republican Party. This is why no elected Republican dares to contradict him.

This strategy extends to the interpretation of the January 6 insurrection, which is determined to turn the protagonists into martyrs. As the lie is shared by all elected Republican officials and the media feel compelled to claim that these elected officials should be taken seriously, lies and untruths have become acceptable elements of political discourse.

This is why Trump’s entourage fears this commission and why Trump himself will do everything to avoid testifying to it, because they will not be able to repeat under oath the lies they serve their supporters on a daily basis.

We are not there yet, because Trump and his cronies will stretch the proceedings in length by posing as victims of the relentlessness of the Democrats. It will be enough to run the clock until the expected overthrow of Congress in November 2022 and to count on the Republicans to bury the failed insurgency of January 6, while awaiting the success of a next episode.

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