“Polish court ruling threatens our prosperity and security” | World

“Polish court ruling threatens our prosperity and security” | World
“Polish court ruling threatens our prosperity and security” | World

The judgment of the Constitutional Court of Poland calling into question the primacy of European law “constitutes a direct threat to our prosperity and our security, in Belgium too,” Prime Minister Alexander De Croo stressed on Tuesday, who is awaiting explanations from his Polish colleague Mateusz Morawiecki at the European summit this week.

The file should not appear as such on the agenda of the European summit of these Thursday and Friday in Brussels, but Belgium is among the countries which will address it, informed the head of government in the Chamber, before the federal advisory committee responsible for European issues.

“The cement of our Union is the mutual confidence of the Member States in the organization of our cooperation. This confidence is guaranteed by the Court of Justice of the European Union”, whose primacy is called into question by the Polish decision, recalled Mr. De Croo.

This questioning affects the 26 other Member States, “it will be felt through our cooperation in the internal market and in the Schengen area, through our four fundamental freedoms and therefore the very functioning of the Union”.

“Problem for our many companies active in Poland”

“In Poland, the independence of the judiciary is under tremendous pressure. It is above all problematic for the citizens of this country, for the respect of their fundamental rights, but it is also problematic for our many companies active in Poland “, underlined Alexander De Croo.” Because the European internal market depends on the proper application of rules common to all the countries which are part of it, and Belgium is one of the EU countries which have the most to gain from a well-functioning internal market “.

At the summit of EU heads of state and government, Alexander De Croo wants the discussion to begin with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. He wants to hear from his Polish counterpart how he sees the next steps. “How will the Polish government implement this judgment, and what does it mean for its commitments and cooperation within the Union?”

“Wanting to head the European Court of Justice is one thing. The fact remains that we need a European arbiter for the competences of the Union, for our cooperation. This is the real choice to which we are faced with: those who are convinced of the need for European cooperation, of the need for a single European market, of the free movement of persons, must accept a European Court. We cannot escape this logic. I want to hear from the Polish government how it sees its collaboration with our country, with the 25 other Member States of the Union “.


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Polish court ruling threatens prosperity security World

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