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After several miscarriages, she gives birth to a gigantic baby!

After several miscarriages, she gives birth to a gigantic baby!
After several miscarriages, she gives birth to a gigantic baby!

A big surprise awaited a couple from Arizona last week. A surprise of … 14.1 pounds!

On October 11, a woman who miscarried several times gave birth to a 14 lb. boy. Cary Patonai and her husband, Tim, say that baby boy, Finnley, is a miracle.

The couple, already parents of two sons, had been trying unsuccessfully for another child for a year, but the woman suffered two miscarriages before Finnley was born and 17 miscarriages before their two-year-old was born.

“Two of those miscarriages were even pairs of twins, so it was very difficult,” she said.

Despite having lived through grief after grief, the couple moved forward.

Almost double the average

Finnley came out at an incredible 14.1 pounds. The average newborn weighs about half that. He is also already very tall, at almost 24 inches.

Needless to say, the doctors who delivered it were impressed.

“They put it on the scales and they said ‘14.1, I’ve never seen one this big!” Cary said. The doctors and one of the nurses all took selfies with us. They asked for permission, of course, but they were so excited. “

Only problem, Finnley was so tall that Cary and Tim quickly realized that the baby clothes they had chosen were not going to fit them.

As you can imagine, the predictions for Finnley’s future are already rolling.

“A soccer player! Put him in leggings! ”Said Tim.

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