Raïssi: “the Palestinian cause must be a priority in the Islamic world …”

Raïssi: “the Palestinian cause must be a priority in the Islamic world …”
Raïssi: “the Palestinian cause must be a priority in the Islamic world …”

At the opening of the 35th session of the Islamic Unity conference, this Tuesday, October 19, Iranian President Ebrahim Raïssi declared that “global arrogance seeks to sow discord among Muslims”, stressing that the cause Palestinian should be a priority in the Islamic world.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raïssi said that “authoritarian regimes seek to impose their hegemony on Muslim societies to prevent them from continuing to unite”.

He added that “the power of Islam is the only force capable of confronting the arrogant world order established after World War II”.

He continued, “Global arrogance seeks to sow discord among Muslims, implant extremist groups among them and provide them with weapons,” noting that “global arrogance has supported weak governments in Islamic countries to promote its interests and the interests of the Zionist entity ”.

Mr. Raïssi stressed that “the Palestinian cause must be a permanent priority in the Islamic world”. Iran “extends the hand of friendship to all Islamic countries and to those interested in the affairs of Muslims,” he added.

“We seek stability while the enemy seeks instability. We believe that unity is the solution ”, he stressed.

Raïssi called for “the expansion of media and cultural cooperation between Islamic countries”, believing that “the idea of ​​rapprochement and unity of the Islamic nation affirmed by the leader of the Islamic revolution is a strategic and necessary move in the Islamic world ”.

Iranian news agency Mehr reported that the secretary of the International Assembly for the Rapprochement of Islamic Schools, Hamid Shahriari, presented a report on the details of the International Conference on Islamic Unity, during the ceremony of opening of the conference this Tuesday.

It will address in the coming days the most important challenges facing the Islamic world and the most important factors threatening world peace, focusing on the following themes: war and just peace, Islamic brotherhood and the fight against terrorism, religious intellectual freedom, diligence and the fight against extremism and apostasy, mutual respect between Islamic schools, respect for difference in writings …

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