demonstration of women in Kabul to denounce the “silence” of the world

demonstration of women in Kabul to denounce the “silence” of the world
demonstration of women in Kabul to denounce the “silence” of the world

A dozen women briefly demonstrated Tuesday morning in Kabul to denounce the “silence“of the international community on the”political, social and economic situation“from Afghanistan, the Taliban again preventing the press from approaching the procession.

These demonstrators, posing as members of the “spontaneous movement of women activists in Afghanistan“, held up signs on which was written:”Why does the world watch us die in silence?“, “Right to education” or “Right to work“.

Every day, poverty takes its toll, our children die, men no longer have a job, they commit suicide and the world is silent“, questioned Husna Saddat, one of the participants.

Why and until when should we remain prisoners at home? Why can’t anyone hear us? Why are women no longer allowed to be active in our society?“, she continued.

The gathering, which was initially supposed to take place near the UN mission in Afghanistan (Unama), moved at the last moment to the entrance of the old “green zone“where are located the buildings evacuated by several Western embassies after the Taliban seizure of power in August.

We ask the Secretary General of the United Nations to support our rights, to education, to work […] We are deprived of everything today“Wahida Amiri, one of the organizers, told AFP.

While these protests are banned by the Taliban and have been violently suppressed since coming to power, Amiri was quick to add: “we have nothing against the taliban, we just want to protest peacefully“.


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